Fun With Google +1 Button And The Display Widgets Plugin

The Google +1 Button

When I decided to add different buttons to the “Share This:” menu on my posts over at K-Time, I included the +1 Button. I’m one of the few people who uses Google+ instead of Facebook, which I absolutely cannot stand. Feelings about Facebook aside, I ran into a problem with widget wording and the +1 button in the side bar. On my homepage, I want the button to +1 the site. On a single post page I wanted the button to +1 that particular post.

IE the full site says “+1 this site” and the single post says “+1 this post”. The +1 button itself works that way, however the title of a text widget stays the same normally.

The Display Widgets plugin solved my problems.

By using TWO Text Widgets with the same +1 button code I achieved the desired result.

  • The first widget shows only on the main page (the second is hidden) and has the proper text about +1 the whole K-Time Site – “+1 K-Time”
  • The second widget shows on every other page, while the first is hidden. The proper text accompanies the +1 button “+1 this post”

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